“Our goal is to improve student learning.”

-CRAEA Math consultants

Welcome to the Central Rivers AEA Mathematics website. Here you will find information, resources and tools to improve mathematics education for all students. Iowa Core Mathematics is the foundation of K-12 mathematics education in Iowa.

Understanding the grade level expectations and learning progressions of Iowa Core Mathematics is critical to any district work in the area of mathematics. As districts engage in actions to improve student achievement, it is important for teachers and administrators to have a good understanding of the learning targets for students found in the Iowa Core. This knowledge will only enhance the conversations and actions associated with:

  • Professional Learning Communities (PLC)
  • Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)
  • Curriculum Revisions and Adoption
  • Formative and Summative Assessment

Useful Math Sites

Interactive Sites

  • NCTM’s E-Examples: Interactive activities that support the Principles and Standards of School Mathematics.
  • NCTM Illuminations: Internet resources from NCTM to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics for all students.
  • Conceptua Math: Conceptua® Fractions is a supplemental online math curriculum that uses simple visual models to make it easy to teach fractions. Through the interactive, web-based math software, students progress from concrete to abstract representations, building conceptual understanding and fluency.
  • Explore Learning: Gizmos! Online simulations that power inquiry and understanding. Membership required. 30-day free trial.
  • Project Interactivate (SHODOR):  Creation, collection and dissemination of interactive Java-based courseware for exploration in science and mathematics.
  • National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: NSF supported a project that began in 1999 to develop a library of uniquely interactive, web-based virtual manipulatives or concept tutorials, mostly in the form of Java applets, for mathematics.

Professional Organizations

Central Rivers AEA has math consultants ready to assist individual teachers and entire districts with their needs in the area of mathematics. With our main goal–to improve student learning, we are available for consultation with educators regarding curriculum, instruction, assessment, and the use of technology in the content area of mathematics. Problem-based learning, higher-order thinking skills, conceptual understanding, differentiated instruction, and the Iowa Core are emphasized. Professional development and networking opportunities are available in the district and at the AEA Conference Centers.

On-Demand Learning

Mathematics Diagnostic Flowchart- Interventions

Ensuring intervention targets appropriate skills and concepts, teams will need to identify and verify learners’ specific instructional needs. This session is part of the Prioritizing Math Content for Intervention Series around Learner Step 6 of the Iowa Department of Education’s Intervention System Guide. Tasks are designed to build an understanding of the Mathematics Diagnostic Flowchart.

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Assistive Technology: Supports for Math

Users can explore this resource to expand their knowledge of how to support student needs in the area of math. This board can serve as a great resource as needs arise for students in the area of math.

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