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At Central Rivers AEA, we believe that executive leadership coaching and core energy training can make a tremendous difference for leaders in both their personal lives and in their professional roles. For some of our leaders, it’s literally been life changing. (This article from The Learning Counsel explains more about “the why” of coaching and why superintendents should consider it.)

Because we feel so strongly about the difference it can make, our agency has invested in specialized training to extend executive leadership coaching and core energy training to local school administrators as well as board members. Studies find that when leaders collaborate with executive coaches, they experience a 70 percent increase in individual performance and a 50 percent increase in team performance. These are pretty incredible data-based outcomes!

While this is typically not a service considered to be “within reach” financially for those of us in the educational community, we wanted to find a way to make it happen. The only cost will be for materials. We’ve already offered an Evaluator Approval course for school leaders in June of 2023 that came with a bank of coaching sessions for each school leader who attended. This course filled within a few days and will be offered again at a future date.

In the fall of 2023, we will be rolling out retreat style training for up to five school boards annually which will include a half-day version of the training and an individualized assessment to help each school board member heighten his/her own self-awareness and better understand their stress response. The goal is to give the superintendent/board team a common language and frame to use to strengthen overall effectiveness and lessen behaviors that may not be serving them. Think of it as less “reacting in the moment” and more skill in choosing a response that serves.

If you are interested in this offering, please reach out to one of the contacts below.

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