Individual Growth & Development Indicators (IGDI)

Individual growth and development indicators (IGDI) are a set of research-based assessment measures of early language & literacy development that have been developed under the auspices of the University of Minnesota and the Center for Response to Intervention in Early Childhood. They support the identification of students requiring additional levels of intervention in the key early literacy domains of oral language, phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, and comprehension.

They are designed to be easy to administer, inexpensive, reliable, valid, sensitive to age and intervention effects, and to provide educators with formal assessments of child status and change over time in relation to important skill acquisition. Most significantly, the new measures are closely aligned with important instructional decisions that need to be made within the context of the RtI model.

Who is myIGDIs for?

myIGDIs student licenses are available at no cost to the school/program based on a state contract, within the following parameters:

Who is it available to?

Participants of Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program (SWVPP) classrooms in the year before kindergarten (i.e., 4- and 5-year-olds marked as a preschool grade level in the local student information system). Includes participants of SWVPP classrooms at community partner locations.

What is available? 

myIGDIs Early Literacy screening and progress monitoring

Can I use other early literacy screening assessments instead of myIGDIs (e.g., GRTR, FAST for PK, PELI)?

It is not required to use myIGDIs for early literacy screening and progress monitoring in preschool. However, myIGDIs were selected after an RFP for early literacy screening and progress monitoring assessments based on rigorous review criteria. myIGDIs demonstrates adequate technical adequacy for screening and progress monitoring assessment purposes and is aligned with the Iowa Early Learning Standards. myIGDIs were specifically developed and researched for use with preschool children. Not all of the early literacy assessments under local consideration may have these characteristics. It is recommended to think about the following for other early literacy assessments under local consideration:

  • Was it developed and researched specifically for use with the preschool population (for children in the year before kindergarten)? 
  • Is it aligned with the Iowa Early Learning Standards?
  • Is it technically adequate for early literacy screening and progress monitoring, including its ability to accurately predict risk and its sensitivity to growth? 
  • Is it efficient to administer but includes enough items to accurately predict current risk status (that would be replicated by retesting or by another assessor)? 

Another benefit of using myIGDIs is that, because the vendor was awarded a state contract, myIGDIs may be used for no cost with 4-year-olds (and children in the year before kindergarten), if they are participants in a Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program classroom.

How do I get myIGDIs seats? I administered myIGDIs in past years, but seats aren’t appearing for me in the myIGDIs data system.

Complete an Intake Survey (refreshed every academic year) to get started under the state contract.

How do I update the district contact for myIGDIs?

If you need to update the district contact during the school year, complete the first few items of the Intake Survey (refreshed every year).

How do I add myIGDIs seats?

To add seats for districts/programs that already have seats under the state contract, please contact Heather Miller (

For additional information, go to the Panorama myIGDIs FAQ site for additional information, contact: Jennifer Adkins at

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