Science Units & Lessons

In an effort to provide samples to teachers on how to create and develop learning pathways and/or integrated units, our science consultants have teamed up and collaborated with consultants in ELA, math and social studies and created a variety of resources that will be found below. These resources are freely available and we hope that they will serve as a model for integrating standards from a variety of content areas as well as from the Universal Constructs and Social Emotional Learning competencies.


Grade Level: Kindergarten

Supplemental lesson to accompany Mystery Science “Weather Watching” unit.

Description: What materials would we want to use to build the perfect playground so it is not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter?

Unit Materials Google folder

Description: How Does a Dog Park Change a Community? In this unit, students are tasked by “the mayor” to help plan and design a dog park that is safe for humans and dogs. This is a full four to five-week unit that incorporates standards from science, social studies, math and ELA in addition to SEL competencies, universal constructs, and 21st Century skills

Grade Level: First

Learning Pathway

Description: How do plants and animals meet their needs to survive?

Grade Level: Third

Unit materials Google folder

Description: Survival, Trade and Migration – an eight-week unit with three learning cycles.

  1. Survival: What would you need to survive?
  2. Trade: What can I trade to get what I need to survive?
  3. Migration: How does migrating help people and animals survive?

Grade Level: Fifth

Learning pathway

Description: What is causing gravesite markers and structures to deteriorate over time, in Iowa?

Complete unit – What issues do places around the world face and what can I do to help it?

Description: In this unit, students consider actions they can take on a global issue while contenting to the content of the book A Long Walk To Water. Students discover the science behind water and it’s importance to life.

Grade Level: Secondary

Lesson flowchart

Description: How does thermal energy transfer when combining varying temperatures of mediums?

Grade Level: High School (Life Science)

Learning Pathway

Description: What impacts populations of animals in the natural ecosystems?

Resources Utilized in Development

Content standards by grade level (math, ELA, science, SEL, Universal constructs) K-6. ELA Standards (explicit/integrated):

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