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Empowering futures: Central Rivers AEA and local partnerships enhance school-based work experience for students with special needs

Central Rivers AEA Work Experience Coordinators create an opportunity for students to develop skills necessary for the post-secondary setting. This… Continue reading Home

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  • AEAs are critical to the success of Iowa’s education system

  • The Value of Iowa AEAs: A Passionate Plea for Continued Support

  • Iowa Area Education Agencies offer valuable services to public and non-public schools in Iowa

How we help educators, students & families

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    We provide services to local school districts that they could not afford independently. By working together, we make every dollar stretch further.

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    Prior to the establishment of Iowa's Area Education Agency (AEA) system in 1974, the Iowa legislature was plagued with complaints about inequitable services from district to district across Iowa. One of our number one objectives is to ensure that all students and teachers, regardless of location, have access to what they need to succeed.

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    Excellence is not a buzzword at Central Rivers AEA, it's part of our DNA as an organization. We recruit and retain highly qualified team members with a passion for service.

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    Leadership & Service

    We both respond to district requests and create opportunities never thought of before. Our dedication extends to every last student we serve.

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South Tama County Community School District teachers have been engaging in Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS) learning this year! We've been collaborating and building their knowledge around the Science of Reading all year. πŸ™Œ

Last week, teachers and ...administrators got to test themselves with a game of β€œheads up,” learned about guided practice opportunities for their phonics lessons with students, and had a lot of fun with the "Magic E!" πŸ‘

#EveryDayAtAEA #CRAEA #iaedchat #ialegis #LETRS

Corindy Stoakes, @unioncsd Curriculum Coordinator, introduced Inquiry-Based Learning in social studies, while Superintendent John Howard engaged in student lessons. πŸ™Œ 🏫 πŸ“š

#EveryDayAtAEA #CRAEA #iaedchat #ialegis

Thank you to South Tama County Community School District for hosting Representative Dean Fisher last week. It was a great opportunity for him to see the exciting work happening at South Tama and witness the collaboration and strong partnership between the district and the AEA! πŸ™Œ

From ...seeing Early Childhood LETRS training/LETRS training in action as educators took a deep dive into the Science of Reading to learning about our extensive media collection and experiencing career-based virtual reality first-hand, the day was full of experiences!

He also observed a coaching session between our CRAEA special education consultant and a South Tama special education teacher. πŸ™Œ

Through these discussions and experiences, it was evident that the strength of our district/AEA partnership relies on collaboration, robust relationships and shared dedication to education and the success of the children we serve. πŸ‘

#EveryDayAtAEA #CRAEA #iaedchat #ialegis

Central Rivers AEA School Improvement Consultant, Kara Shannon, guided the Hudson CSD high school team through the Self-Assessment of MTSS Implementation (SAMI) process with expertise and support. πŸ‘ 🏫

#EveryDayAtAEA #CRAEA #iaedchat #ialegis

Central Rivers AEA administrators and directors collaborated with the Grundy Center Community Schools administrative team during district visits and fostered a dynamic exchange of ideas. πŸ‘πŸ‘

#EveryDayAtAEA #CRAEA #iaedchat #ialegis

The Intensive Literacy Instruction for Secondary Students class welcomed Nina Lorimor-Easley, Assistant Director of Education and Outreach at the @iowareadingresearchcenter (IRRC), to speak about supporting secondary readers. πŸ™Œ

It was a great way to wrap-up and celebrate our learning ...about the Science of Reading and implementation of Structured Literacy at the middle and high school levels! πŸ‘

#EveryDayAtAEA #CRAEA #literacy #iaedchat #ialegis

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We are a Des Moines Register Top Workplace.


of local educators say Central Rivers AEA special education services are "meeting or exceeding" expectations.


of local educators say that Central Rivers AEA Future Ready supports are "meeting or exceeding" expectations.


of local educators say that Central Rivers AEA Media and Creative Services are "meeting or exceeding" expectations.

"The AEA staff members who work with my district have been extremely helpful across the board...answering questions specific to content areas, helping with technology implementation, analyzing and using student data, and implementing Social and Emotional Learning structures."