Makey Makey

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Makey Makey, cords, and box

Meet Makey-Makey!

An easy-to-use device that allows students to create and code game controllers, musical instruments, and more with Scratch and MakeCode.

Students can explore and alter existing projects on Scratch and MakeCode by searching for Makey-Makey.

Get a Makey-Makey for your Classroom!

CRAEA Media Checkout

To check out a Makey-Makey please contact Central Rivers AEA Media Services. You can call or use the chat feature on our webpage during regular hours or email. Our regular hours are 7:30-4:30 Monday-Friday.

Phone: 641-844-2410 or 800-735-1539


Makey-Makey contains:

  • Makey-Makey Board
  • Alligator clips
  • USB Cable
  • Connector Wires

Purchase Your Own

Purchase from the Makey Shop

Classic Kit, STEM Pack, Backpack Bundle, and Makey-Makey Go, Accessories, and Booster Kits.