K-12 Cybersecurity Incident Response Workshop coming in June


Facilitated by ProCircular, attend a free cybersecurity workshop on June 3, to learn how to develop and execute an Incident Response Plan, tailored for your district's needs, including hands-on exercises.

Save the date for June 3! Join us for a cybersecurity workshop aimed to equip attendees with the skills to develop an Incident Response Plan and execute it through real-world tabletop exercises, tailored to their district’s needs. Key participants include district leaders and technology staff, with sessions covering education, hands-on plan development, and a mock exercise, all at no cost.

Workshop objectives:

  • Participants will begin the development of an Incident Response Plan to prepare for a cybersecurity incident.
  • Participants will role-play the execution of the plan with a real-world tabletop exercise.

Date & time: June 3,  | 8:30 am -12:30 pm

Location: Central Rivers AEA – Cedar Falls office: 1521 Technology Parkway, Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Cost: No cost – it’s a free workshop!

Registration information: #226574 CR – Cybersecurity Incident Response Workshop

Structure for the workshop:

  • Education (45 minutes):
    • ProCircular will educate participants on the essential components of an Incident Response Plan and Incident Response Plan Best Practices (45 minutes).
  • Table Group Work (90 minutes):
    • ProCircular will share ProCircular’s Incident Response template with participants. Participants will begin work on their Incident Response Plan using the template provided. Participants will collaborate with one another, within table groups, with ProCircular’s guidance.
  • Mock Tabletop Exercise Demonstration (60 minutes):
    • ProCircular will conduct a roundtable workshop with participants based on a scenario tailored specifically for participants’ districts and circumstances. This exercise is designed to be as realistic as possible and will incorporate significant input from all participants included in the exercise.
  • Lessons Learned & Question & Answer Session (45 minutes):
    • ProCircular will discuss lessons learned from the workshop and tabletop exercise. ProCircular will answer questions from participants regarding the Incident Response Plan, the Template, and the Incident Response Tabletop Exercise.

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Nelson, Director of IT and Special Programs.