CPI trainer initial or renewal spring dates are now available


Get ready to become a certified Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) trainer or renew your certification this spring at two convenient locations, with negotiated pricing and renewal costs covered by Central Rivers AEA.

There are two upcoming opportunities for Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) trainers to earn* the initial certification or renew this spring. *Note: Those who are renewing their CPI training will attend the final day. 

  • May 8, 9, 10 (Cedar Falls CRAEA office)
  • June 11, 12, 13 (Clear Lake CRAEA office) 

The negotiated pricing structure stays the same as last year with 10% off the list price for new trainers. Central Rivers AEA covers the cost for your trainer to renew.

Train the TrainerRenewalsAnnual MembershipSharing of Trainers
10% off list price
District is responsible
Current price: $4,349.00
Your cost: $3914.10.00
5% off list price
CRAEA is responsible
List price: $1,849.00
Current cost: $1756.55
District is responsible 
Share a Trainer $1000.00 (two-year)
Dual employment

Important: Replacement of Trainers

  • If a new instructor leaves the organization six months or less after certification, replacement is at no cost.
  • If a new instructor leaves the organization six to 12 months after certification, they can be replaced at renewal cost.
  • The CPI training agreement was modified for 2023. Trainers can only train district employees; they cannot go to a neighboring district or other districts to train their staff unless your trainer is employed in both districts and/or there is a sharing agreement between the districts.

To register  (regardless of location) contact Nick Williams or call 414-979-7147 with the type of training and location.  Indicate that the trainer is part of the Central Rivers AEA consortium. If you have additional questions contact Kay Schmalen, Director of Professional Learning.