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  • February 1: Eliminating negativity from your life and your workplace culture: this training focuses on becoming aware of our thinking so we know when it is working and when it is not. It explores (1) the conditions that come up in our life that invite us to go Below the Line, (2) indicators telling us when we are Below, (3) how to handle Below the Line experiences with more grace and dignity, and (4) how to trampoline back Above the Line.
  • March 26th: guest speaker Pete Hall, veteran school administrator and educational consultant, channels his experiences as a school principal, life coach, and small-business owner into manageable lessons for continuous growth, personal improvement, and a positive mindset.

    Cost to attend: **Note: You will be charged the full amount upon registration. Invoices will be adjusted following the event.
    To Encourage Teams from the same district to attend:
  • 0-10 Participants $75 = $15 Lunch + $60 Presenter Fee
  • 11-20 Participants $60 = $15 Lunch + $45 Presenter Fee
  • 20-34 Participants $50 = $15 Lunch + $35 Presenter Fee
  • +35 Participants $40 = $15 Lunch + $25 Presenter Fee
  • Register Online: 226401 CR–Pete Hall: From Reflective to Effective -Transforming Environments and Instruction

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A reminder that all Central Rivers AEA ABC (Paraeducator Award) nominations are due February 28th! Reach out to Kay Schmalen, Director of Professional Learning, with questions.