3rd-5th Grade Digital Resources

Pre K-12th Grades AEA Digital Library
Pre K-3rd Grades BookFlix
Pre K-12th Grades Britannica ImageQuest
Pre K-12th Grades Britannica school
K-12th Grades Culture Grams
4th-12th Grades FreedomFlix
Pre k-12th Grades Gale
Pre K-12th Grades Learn 360
K-12th Grades Mackin VIA
K-8th Grade News-O-Matic
K-5th Grades PebbleGo
3-6th Grades Power Knowledge Earth Space Science
3-6th Grades Power Knowledge Life Science
3-6th Grades Power Knowledge Physical Science
4th-12th Grades ScienceFlix
K-12th Grades Soundzabound
K-12th Grades TeachingBooks
3rd-6th Grades TrueFlix

Students, teachers, and families have access to the following digital resources 24/7/365 which include ebooks, digital streaming, encyclopedia, reference material, and more!

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