Infrastructure and Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS)


Summary: This blog is the fifth in a monthly series centered around Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports. Last month, we discussed leadership being essential to the implementation of MTSS.  This month, we are sharing the importance of infrastructure and its impact on MTSS. 

Infrastructure and MTSS: Infrastructure is focused on the major MTSS structural pieces that are vital to sustain MTSS implementation such as policies/procedures, culture/climate, resources/schedules, and professional learning/coaching. 

Iowa’s Framework & Process to Support Schools

Check out the full School Improvement blog document to go more in-depth about how infrastructure can support MTSS. Next month, the focus will be on assessment and data-based decision-making support for MTSS. Reach out to Tina Halverson, Amy Moine, or Dusty Reese, School Improvement Consultants, for more information.