Innovative Transformation Collaborative for Career and Technical Educators (CTE)


The Learner-Centered Cross-State Collaborative is a 12-week facilitated professional learning and design experience focused on getting clear about the next right steps for you and your team as you explore learner-centered pathways. Reach out to Sarah Nelson, Director of IT & Special Programs, or Michelle Meier, Instructional Technology Consultant, with questions.

Attention all Career and Technical (CTE) Educators, an exceptional opportunity has emerged from the efforts of state and regional CTE partners from Michigan and Iowa. This opportunity invites educators from both states to unite in shaping and implementing learner-centered objectives tailored to your specific district, building, and classroom.

Under the umbrella of last year’s successful personalized, competency-based CTE cross-state collaborative, the revised approach welcomes those who are interested in the following:

  • Cultivating personalized, learner-centered pedagogies
  • Pioneering authentic, hands-on alternative programs
  • Devising cross-disciplinary strategies for enriched learning and credit attainment
  • Expanding the reach of career and technical education
  • Fostering teacher apprenticeships and mentorships
  • Implementing competency-based pathways

A structured, 12-week facilitated professional learning and design experience will be available this fall. Please view the Learner-Centered Cross-State Collaborative flyer for details. This opportunity will encompass both in-person and virtual components, and open up enhanced avenues for networking and collaboration.

Site visits will include the following:

  • Tour the site with a look-for form to capture what you notice and note as a connection to the work you are doing or want to do in the future
  • Talk with leaders and other educators at the site about their journey, lessons learned, next steps, and tips for getting started (e.g., hear from panels on what shifts they made in their thinking and how they addressed challenges that rose along the way (e.g., structures, grading, finding partnerships, etc.); take away resources they are willing to share to boost your start or keep you going with specific design needs, etc.)
  • Visit with learners to hear about their experiences
  • Talk with any business/industry partners who are involved to get their perspectives

For more information, reach out to Sarah Nelson, Director of IT and Special Programs or Michelle Meier, Instructional Technology Consultant.