Training the talent of tomorrow with Transfr


Transfr's Career Exploration 2.0 empowers learners through a comprehensive career development platform to navigate new career paths, enhance job satisfaction, and adapt to the evolving job market. Try Transfr today by connecting with Media Services.

Transfr’s Career Exploration 2.0 offers virtual hands-on simulations showcasing tasks in various careers. Through short, fun experiences, students and job seekers increase their understanding of job options, sampling vital job tasks in multiple industries. Ultimately, VR career exploration aims to help users navigate their pathways to well-paying jobs in high-demand fields. Use Transfr to help students and job seekers understand career options and pick the right path.

With Career Exploration 2.0, students can choose from hands-on simulations in different career paths, including Registered Nurse, Surgical Technologist, Semiconductor Manufacturing Technician, Broadband Tower Construction, Solar Technician, Broadband Utility Construction, Welder, Distribution Line Worker, Transmission Line Worker, Network Technician, Emergency Medical Technician, and Electrician. each experience brings a virtual career coach providing realtime feedback in a safe and risk-free environment.

Health Sciences VR simulations offer opportunities for individuals with coaching and feedback in a safe virtual environment

Transfr’s construction VR simulations support a quality construction workforce by enhancing training of new hires and upscaling current workforce

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