A Team Representative is a licensed or endorsed professional that can provide educational services within the school setting. Team representative is a broad term that includes the following professionals:

  • School Psychologists
  • School Social Workers
  • Special Education Consultants

What we do

The term team representative reflects a team approach where professionals can use their unique skills and training to help enhance educational outcomes. Each school in Central Rivers AEA has one or more team representatives: a school psychologist, social worker, or Special Education consultant. While they are the primary contact in a building, they have access to other professionals on a team for consultation or assistance.

While Team Representatives have different professional backgrounds, they are all trained to:

Work with students and families to:

  • Identify and address learning and behavior problems that interfere with school success
  • Evaluate eligibility for special education services
  • Support students’ social, emotional, and behavioral needs
  • Assist in coordinating community support services

Work with teachers to:

  • Help design individualized instruction that is effective for special education students
  • Support implementation of academic and behavioral interventions
  • Support implementation of student progress monitoring
  • Assist with transitions throughout the school experience
  • Identify accommodations, modifications, and assistive technology for students to be successful

Work with school districts to:

  • Collect and analyze data related to school improvement, student outcomes, and compliance requirements
  • Support the implementation of school-wide prevention programs that help maintain positive school climates
  • Provide access to other support services that are available within the AEA system

Team representatives are often the primary contact families and schools have with AEA; they are an important part of our commitment to providing leadership in learning to the families and schools we serve.

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