Physical therapy services are provided through Central Rivers Area Education Agency to enable all children to participate in and benefit from a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. Services encompass a broad continuum of delivery options based on a problem solving approach. Physical therapists are part of a transdisciplinary educational team. They work with parents, teachers, educational providers, and caretakers in the home, school or community to meet the educational needs of children, birth through 21 years old.

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Physical Therapists in the State of Iowa

  • Believe that families and caregivers have the primary role in their infant and toddler’s development.
  • Believe that physical therapy services through educational, hospital and community agencies complement each other.
  • Believe that collaboration between families, caregivers, and various physical therapy staff is critical for a successful and comprehensive program

What is a Physical Therapist?

Physical therapists are licensed healthcare professionals in the State of Iowa.

  • Governing laws for physical therapists in the State of Iowa are found under Iowa Code Chapter 148A. Administrative rules regarding physical therapy practice are found under the State of Iowa Code Chapter 200, 201, 202, and 203.
  • The State of Iowa defines a physical therapy as the “branch of science that deals with the evaluation and treatment of human capabilities and impairments. Physical therapy uses the effective properties of physical agents including, but not limited to, mechanical devices, heat, cold, air, light, water, electricity, and sound, and therapeutic exercises, and rehabilitative procedures to prevent, correct, minimize, or alleviate a physical impairment. Physical therapy includes the interpretation of performances, tests, and measurements, the establishment and modification of physical therapy programs, treatment planning, consultative services, instructions to the patients, and the administration and supervision attendant to physical therapy facilities.”
  • The State of Iowa is a direct access state, meaning that physical therapy evaluation and treatment may be provided by a physical therapist with or without a referral from a physician, podiatric physician, dentist, or chiropractor.


The Role of Physical Therapy

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Children (age birth-3):

  • If your child is not currently receiving Early ACCESS services, please call one of our main offices to request a referral to Early ACCESS. A service coordinator will contact you to discuss your concerns and assist you in the process.
  • If your child is currently receiving services through an IFSP, please speak to your Service Coordinator to request a physical therapy consultation.

School age children (3-21):

  • Teachers: Please fill out the Request for PT Collaboration formand send via email or van mail to your school’s assigned physical therapist******.
  • Parents: Please contact your child’s teacher to discuss your concerns. They can assist you in determining if this is something that is affecting your child in their educational setting. The teacher will then fill out the Request for Physical Therapy Collaboration if appropriate. For children age 3-5 who are not currently in a school based setting, please contact one of our main offices.