About Us

Working within the routines of the typical day, AEA physical therapists provide services to infants (0-3 years old), who have or are at risk for developmental delays, and to school age students (3-21 years old) who have motor challenges that impact access to and/or participation in their educational programming.  Physical Therapists address concerns in the motor and adaptive behavior domains, including gross motor, mobility, positioning and play/leisure skills in the home and community for those children 0-3 years old (Early ACCESS) and within the educational environment (classroom, lunch, recess, hallways, restroom, work sites, etc) for those students 3-21 years old.  Physical Therapists also work with children and students and collaborate with and coach parents, school personnel, and team members to provide embedded intervention strategies. Working as a member of an IFSP or IEP team, a physical therapist may suggest equipment to address a child’s or student’s access and/or participation concerns.

Contact Us

Children (age birth-3):

  • If your child is not currently receiving Early ACCESS services, please call one of our main offices to request a referral to Early ACCESS. A service coordinator will contact you to discuss your concerns and assist you in the process.
  • If your child is currently receiving services through an IFSP, please speak to your Service Coordinator to request a physical therapy consultation.

School age children (3-21):

  • Teachers: Please fill out the Request for PT Collaboration form.
  • Parents: Please contact your child’s teacher to discuss your concerns. They can assist you in determining if this is something that is affecting your child in their educational setting. The teacher will then fill out the Request for Physical Therapy Collaboration if appropriate. For children age 3-5 who are not currently in a school based setting, please contact one of our main offices.