Serving Students ages 3-21

School-based Occupational Therapists share their expertise in seating and positioning, self-help skills, sensory processing, fine motor skills; including the use of writing tools and scissors, and access to technology. School-based therapists are available to support general educators at each level of MTSS in addition to serving students that qualify for occupational therapy services within their IEP.

Occupational Therapist Role in MTSS (RtI)

3 Teir Model of OT in MTSS

Tier 1

OT “can” provide education and training to school staff regarding universal ways to support instruction and participation.

Tier 2

OT Reviews data collected by the general educator, provide suggestions for general education staff, and may provide episodic problem solving for the purpose of assisting the general education staff.

Tier 3

OT reviews data collected by general education staff, assists the team in determining if this is a child suspected of having a disability, and if a consent for Full and Individual Evaluation has been made, the OT will evaluate in accordance with state requirements.

Classroom Strategies for Self-Regulation:

Classroom Strategies for Letter Formation/Handwriting:

Classroom Strategies for Self-Care:

Classroom Strategies for Fine Motor Concerns:

Classroom Strategies for Environment or Access Accommodations:

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