How Occupational Therapy Can Serve You and Your Child

Children Birth-3 Years

Together with you and your family, we will identify and address specific family concerns and priorities as they relate to your child’s overall growth and development, offering our expertise in the areas of Fine Motor development, Sensory Processing, and development of Feeding/Self-help skills.

 Students ages 3-21

Together with teachers and school staff, we will help your student perform particular tasks necessary for learning or participation in school activities.

How You Can Prompt Your Child’s Development

Motor Development
Fine Motor Activities
  • Fine motor activities involve the use of smaller muscles in your child’s hands for activities such as clothing fasteners, using eating utensils, cutting, coloring, and writing.  Activities to promote Fine Motor development include:
    • Playing with Playdough
    • Tearing paper or newspaper into small pieces
    • Use a spray bottle to water the flowers
    • Tweezer/Tong activities
    • Lacing Beads
    • Pop-beads, Legos, or K’necs
    • Board Games like Hi-Ho Cherry-Oh, Pop Up Pirate, Operation, Connect-4, Perfection, and Trouble etc.
Feeding and Self-Help Activities
  • Feeding and dressing require fine motor skills and coordination. To develop skills for feeding, and dressing give your child opportunities to practice!
    • Practice scooping in a box of sand, uncooked noodles, or during bath time
    • Play dress up with clothing with buttons, snaps, zippers and buckles
    • Let your child help with zippers on bags and containers
    • PRACTICE dressing after bath or on weekends when time is not a factor, let your child do the parts he or she can
    • Teaching Your Child to Be Independent with Routines
Sensory Play
  • Young children learn about themselves and their surroundings through sensory play. Provide opportunities for your child to experience sensory play such as:
    • Play in a sandbox
    • Finger paint
    • Play in water
    • Write or draw in shaving cream
    • Play outdoors with opportunities to climb, roll, jump, walk on a line, etc.
    • For more fun ideas check out PBSkids!