For Parents – Information and activities to use with your child

  • Iowa Hands & Voices: Parent-driven organization dedicated to supporting families of deaf or hard of hearing children.  The website describes the mission of the group, membership, and provides resources and links for parents.
  • The Listening Room contains interactive listening activities to maximize listening skills in infants/toddlers, kids, teens and adults with hearing loss.
  • Literacy resources for teaching Deaf children includes a variety of resources, videos, and articles on methods for teaching literacy to deaf/hard of hearing children. ( Part of About.comDeafness)

For Teachers

  • Deafness, language, and literacy– Video discussing the role deafness plays in a student’s development of language, and how this affects the way a deaf student may write and speak. Includes an explanation of visual phonics as a tool for developing beginning reading skills.  Part of a seven video series about deaf/hard of hearing students and building literacy skills in the classroom.
  • Hearing Loss in the Classroom – Video demonstrating the purpose and importance of using an FM system in the classroom to provide improved access to sound for a student with a hearing loss.
  • Success for Kids with Hearing Loss – Website on hearing loss which includes webcast presentations, resources for professionals including general information on hearing loss and its implications. Also included on the site within the resources section for professionals is a simulated listening with hearing loss, information on self-advocacy and classroom accommodations.