Who we are

Itinerant Hearing Teachers have a background in Deaf/Hard of Hearing Education and are trained professionals who provide specially designed instruction and recommended accommodations and modifications for individuals birth to 21 years of age who have educationally significant hearing losses and demonstrate a need for special education services .

What services we provide

Itinerant teachers of students who are deaf and hard of hearing at Central Rivers AEA provide support and special interventions for students who have various degrees of hearing loss but are able to benefit educationally from full time placement in the mainstream setting of their neighborhood schools. Services are also provided in early childhood centers and pre-school settings as well as through home instruction for children aged 0-3.

Instructional services focus on identified needs in a child/student’s IFSP or IEP. Teachers support the Iowa Early Learning Standards and Creative Curriculum, the Core Curriculum, and expanded core areas related to hearing loss.

Itinerant teachers:

  • Provide pre-academic/ academic support and remediation or expansion of curricular concepts.
  • Provide auditory training, speech reading, language/vocabulary development.
  • Support self -advocacy skills and transition.

Itinerant teachers:

  • Trouble-shoot hearing aids, cochlear implants and FM systems.
  • Assist with classroom modifications and/or accommodations.

Itinerant teachers:

  • Work closely with the audiologist, parents, school support staff, and other professionals and agencies to meet the needs of students who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Act as a resource to school districts,  school faculty/staff through in-service activities, conferences with school staff, and participation on IEP teams.

How to contact us

Referrals are typically made through dispensing or educational audiologists, early access service coordinators, or pre-school/ school age educational teams. Children 0-3 with a medical diagnosis of a hearing loss with a probability of delay in skill areas related to hearing/speech and language development, receive itinerant hearing services following an evaluation from an itinerant hearing teacher. Children/students 3 or older with an educationally significant hearing loss must first demonstrate a need for and then meet eligibility guidelines to receive the services of an itinerant hearing teacher.

For questions, please contact a Central Rivers AEA Office.


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