SETT Framework for the Consideration of Assistive Technology

The SETT Framework provides a methodology for considering whether or not a student needs assistive technology, and if he/she does, what is the most appropriate technology to provide. The process consists of the student’s team reflecting on the Student, the Environments in which he or she needs to perform and the Tasks the student needs to accomplish in those environments. Once those have been determined, the team looks at technologies that would be the most appropriate for the Student to accomplish the described Tasks in the Environments.

The SETT Framework helps us to match the technology to the student, environments, and tasks, rather than picking a technology and trying to make it work, even though it may not be the best fit.

The SETT Framework is based on the work of Joy Zabala and also the work of the Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative (WATI). Iowa’s Assistive Technology State Leadership Group have, with permission, adapted their work to use in our state.