Prior to conducting an initial evaluation, informed parental consent must be sought.

According to the Area Education Agency Special Education Procedures (July 1, 2012), informed consent means:

  • The parent has been fully informed of all information relevant to the evaluation in his/her native language or other modes of communication.
  • The parent understands and agrees in writing to the evaluation as described in the consent.
  • The parent understands that the granting of consent is voluntary on the part of the parent and may be revoked at any time.
  • If the parent revokes consent, that revocation is not retroactive.

A comprehensive evaluation must consider the following seven domains:

  • Academic
  • Behavior
  • Physical
  • Health
  • Hearing/vision
  • Adaptive Behavior
  • Communication

Consideration of these seven domains ensures that the evaluation is comprehensive and addresses the child’s needs.