Welcome to your Central Rivers AEA!

Central Rivers LogoThose of you who have been served by our agency since the time of our merger in 2003 know that our former agency name–AEA 267–had a storied and interesting history. For some, the name “AEA 267” was synonymous with the joining of three agencies into one. For many, the name was a constant reminder of separateness. 

The AEA 267 Board of Directors took a bold step to change the agency’s name. Our new name, Central Rivers Area Education Agency (AEA), is a nod to the many rivers that run throughout our 18-county territory, uniting us and flowing freely without regard to geography.

From a budgetary standpoint. the timing was right for this change given conversations this year around updates to our facilities, the fact that our existing website was nearly 10 years old, and knowing that many of our building signs were already in need of replacement. Since we had to make these improvements anyway, moving ahead with rebranding was an easier decision.

As part of our rebranding, welcome to our new website! Our goal was to make the site cleaner, easier to navigate and built around the information and services you need access to most frequently. We welcome your feedback as you explore the new site and look forward to growing it around your specific needs.

Finally, we moved our Cedar Falls headquarters to a new location at 1521 Technology Parkway (the former Pipac Centre on the Lake). Our new Central Rivers AEA location will allow us to expand capacity for large-scale professional learning making possible events such as those which are part of our Inspirational Leadership Series. I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to our Board of Directors for their foresight and courage in all of these decisions. We are grateful to work with a true group of innovators and visionaries.

So, welcome to our new website, our new location, and your new Central Rivers Area Education Agency! 

Photo of Sam Miller, Chief Administrator

Sam Miller, Central Rivers AEA Chief Administrator