Interested in becoming a substitute teacher or paraeducator? Central Rivers AEA offers training

Central Rivers AEA provides “substitute authorization” courses to allow those who hold an associate’s degree or higher or have completed 60 semester hours through a regionally-accredited institution to substitute. Details on how to obtain your “substitute authorization,” can be found below:

Substitute Authorization


February 15, 2022 –  UPDATE – Use of Substitute Teachers (BOEE)

  1. AA degree or BA or 60 hours of coursework at a post-secondary level. (Beyond Sub Auth class)
  2. Minimum of 21 years of age
  3. Day limitation (10 days in a row in a 30-day period in one assignment)
  4. The Board of Educational Examiners has established an emergency rule to allow paraeducators employed in an Iowa public school district or non-public school who hold a paraeducator certificate with a substitute authorization as an area of concentration to be allowed to substitute outside their assigned special education classroom IF permission is granted. This permission is not intended for long-term subbing.

*(In order to substitute teach, you are still required to go through the Sub Authorization course.)

Interested in becoming a paraeducator?

Central Rivers AEA offers that training as well. Details on how to become a paraeducator can be found below:


Prerequisites for Obtaining Paraeducator Certification

  • Minimum of 18 years of age
  • Verification of high school completion or equivalence
  • Participants must have access to a computer/internet in order to take the courses
  • It is preferred, but not required, that participants be employed by an accredited Iowa school district as a practicing paraeducator, or work as a substitute paraeducator in an accredited Iowa school district, or have a teacher and administrator who are willing to mentor you through the certification program.