AEA media centers closed June 15 – July 31

Our AEA lending libraries will be closed this summer from June 15 – July 31st, in order to facilitate a large move of media materials to our Marshalltown office. Teachers will be unable to pick up or check out materials during the time of our move.

If there are AEA media materials that you will need during the time period that we are closed, please contact the AEA media center in your area by May 26. We will check materials out to you before your school dismisses for the summer to be returned in August when the AEA resumes regular van routes.

In addition, our GetMedia catalog will be opened on July 31st for bookings for the 2017-2018 school year.

Thank you for your patience this summer as we accommodate this large move of media materials. Please contact Cheryl Carruthers or Deb Culp at 800-735-1539 with questions.

*Please note the closure is ONLY for the Media department. Creative Services is open and all print and production services in Cedar Falls are available through the summer.