Over 250 educators taking part in Early Literacy Symposium

Dr. Susan Neuman presenting at the Literacy Symposium in Cedar Falls, Iowa Early Literacy Symposium wide shot of participantsCentral Rivers Area Education Agency (AEA) is proud to host Dr. Susan Neuman, a prominent researcher in early literacy who will be featured as part of a year-long literacy symposium focused on strengthening literacy in the preschool classroom. Dr. Neuman kicked off the symposium by presenting to area teachers on September 27 in Cedar Falls.

These unique learning opportunities will give local educators the skills to build a strong foundation in oral language, writing, storybook comprehension, and vocabulary development in the preschool classroom. Over 250 preschool staff, literacy coaches, and administrators are participating. Attendees will have the opportunity to make a direct impact on young children’s early literacy experiences in the classroom, as well as share with families what they have learned regarding early literacy foundational skills.

Across the state of Iowa, school districts recognize the need for support in delivering a stronger literacy core curriculum that meets the needs of all learners. The importance of developing a strong background in literacy instruction at a young age has been supported by research and the long-lasting effects on reading and writing achievement in the early elementary years. It is critical that early childhood professionals have access to the most current research and high-quality professional learning opportunities that will enable them to implement best practice in their classroom. This particular learning opportunity will continue for an additional five days with onsite coaching and supported collaboration with peers. Central Rivers AEA is excited to partner with Dr. Susan Neuman and early childhood professionals in an effort to strengthen universal literacy practices in the preschool classroom.

Teams of teachers who will participate in the literacy symposium are from the following school districts:

  • Cedar Falls
  • Mason City
  • Nashua Plainfield
  • South Tama
  • Union
  • Forest City
  • Central Springs
  • Janesville
  • North Butler
  • Hudson
  • Gladbrook Reinbeck
  • Wapsie Valley
  • Dunkerton
  • CAL
  • Denver
  • Tripoli
  • North Tama
  • Sumner Fredricksburg
  • Grundy Center
  • East Buchanan
  • Clarksville
  • Montezuma
  • Marshalltown
  • Grinnell Newburg
  • East Marshall
  • West Marshall
  • BGM
  • GMG
  • Eldora New Providence
  • RRMR
  • Hubbard Radcliffe
  • Charles City
  • Northwood Kensett
  • Clear Lake
  • Hampton Dumont
  • Garner-Hayfield-Ventura
  • West Fork
  • Lake Mills
  • Osage
  • West Hancock
  • Belmond Klemme