Tips to Help Teens Cope During During COVID-19

Coping with life stressors can be overwhelming, especially during a pandemic. This resource from Mental Health First Aid will give you tips on how to cope with the situations and stress you may be experiencing.

Self-Care Apps/Resources

Need quick access to calming/coping strategies? This resource provides links to free apps and videos individuals can practice as they practice self-care.

National Institute of Mental Health-Sharable Resources for Coping with COVID

Coping with COVID is a resource page on the National Institute for Mental health’s website that has a bunch of shareable resources for adults and students regarding mental health and COVID.

11 Self-Care Tips for Teens and Young Adults

11 Self-Care Tips for Teens and Young Adults is a good self-care resource for teenage students.

Please Pass the Love Teen Workshops

Please Pass the Love is offering FREE virtual self-care and mental health workshops for teens. 

Self Care for Everyone During COVID

Self Care for Everyone provides simple and easy self-care strategies.

The Monday Refresh 

The Monday Refresh has lots of resources for breathing, mindfulness, etc.  Here is a good one page reminder of things people can do on Monday and all week long to reset.

Portable Practices for Promoting Self-Care

Portable Practices is a great one page site that has some general self-care ideas and lots of good websites/podcasts where additional self-care ideas can be found.