Prioritizing Teacher Self-Care – Edutopia

This resource from Edutopia provides guidance and resources for teachers as they prioritize self-care.

Realistic Self-Care: 12 Key Questions to Figure Out What Works for YOU

Realistic Self-Care is a practical resource helps educators identify what self-care strategies will work best for you.

Eight Steps to cope with the Current Reality-Acceptance

Coping with the current reality can be overwhelming. This resource provides educators with eight steps to help cope in stressful situations without making the situation worse.

Self-Care for Teachers of Traumatized Students

This resource from Relient Educator provide educators with resources to support student who have experienced trauma, identify compassion fatigue, and strategies to improve educator well-being

Practicing Self-Care During the Coronavirus: 5 Tips for Teachers

Practicing Self-Care during Coronavirus provides five ideas for practicing self-care while schools are closed due to the pandemic.

Self-Care Apps/Resources

Need quick access to calming/coping strategies? This resource provides links to free apps and videos individuals can practice as they practice self-care

Dealing with Constant Change National Institute of Mental Health-Sharable Resources for Coping with COVID

Dealing with Constant Change is a resource page on the National Institute for Mental health’s website that has a bunch of shareable resources for adults and students regarding mental health and covid

Self-Care Strategies for Educators

Self-Care Strategies for Educators is a really nice article about self-care strategies for educators

Self Care for Everyone During COVID

Self Care for Everyone During COVID provides simple and easy self-care strategies.

The Monday Refresh

The Monday Refresh has lots of resources for breathing, mindfulness, etc.  Here is a good one page reminder of things people can do on Monday and all week long to reset

Portable Practices for Promoting Self-Care

Portable Practices is a great one page site that has some general self-care ideas and a list of good websites. This is a resource to for self care ideas, management for parents, and schools educators.

Iowa Department of Education Self-Care and Social and Emotional Learning Competencies Webinars

This Iowa Department of Education webinar focus on mental health needs and resources, prevention and intervention, and self-care and SEL competencies.