New eBooks added to MackinVIA!

MackinVIA/AEA title & MARC record information

Title lists and MARC record files are available for all eBooks that have been purchased by Central Rivers AEA, are available on our MackinVIA AEA Support site. Once you are on the site, click on the MARC Records link, then click on the ‘dir’ link to the right of the AEA 267 Drawer File. Files are arranged by year of purchase. To view all of the eBook titles purchased during a year, again click on the ‘dir’ icon to the left of the purchase year.

Links to each batch of MARC records are located in the center of your screen and they are labeled by grade band:

  • ES – Elementary
  • MS – Middle School
  • HS – HS School
  • ALL – eBooks were purchased for K-12

Title listings for each group of MARC records are also available in the listing. Simply scroll down to find the title lists that are located following the MARC Record links.

Special Note: Please do not download any MARC files that are labeled “prof”. Those titles have been specifically purchased for the Central Rivers AEA¬†Professional eBook VIA and are not licensed for individual schools. (This special collection of eBooks is available for reading and checkout to all Central Rivers AEA teachers and AEA staff. Contact us if you don’t have the unique login required to access these titles).

If you have questions regarding titles that have been loaded into your MackinVIA, please contact Central Rivers AEA Librarian, Cheryl Carruthers