What is MackinVIA? Central Rivers AEA provides access to the MackinVIA portal, which is an eBook resource that contains a collection of fiction and nonfiction titles for K-12 students. The collection has hundreds of titles and crosses all content areas. Special collections are also featured such as CyberSmarts/Teen CyberSmarts, and Iowa Award Books. Central Rivers AEA teachers and students have 24/7/365 access to eBooks in MackinVIA by using their regular Iowa AEA Online building logins. A MackinVIA app for different devices may also be utilized for reading eBooks offline.

eBook support information

Below you will find various resources to support your eBook learning, including tutorials, supplemental support materials and learning guides. Please contact Cheryl Carruthers or Cari Teske, Central Rivers AEA Librarians if you have questions regarding eBooks or any of our other media / digital resources.

New Google Feature for MackinVIA eBooks

Mackin performed an update on the MackinVIA eBook portal on March 21, 2017. Several improvements were made to the Notebook feature, including dynamic search filters within notes, print and export options for Google Drive and OneDrive, new syncing too that refreshes the Notebook with newly taken notes, and a “Show More” or “Show Less” option to view or high portions of longer notes. Still have questions? Contact Cheryl CarruthersCari Teske or Deb Culp.

CyberSmarts Interactive eBooks

Mackin Resources

A good source of information for students, teachers and MackinVIA administrators including help guides, video tutorials, information on mobile app information and promotional materials can be found on the Mackin Resources Site.

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