Central Rivers Area Education Agency is required by law to follow all copyright restrictions. These laws are very strict and apply to Central Rivers Area Education Agency Personnel doing the duplication of materials, the individual requesting the duplication of material, and the principal and superintendent of that school district. The penalties can also affect the board members of that school district and Central Rivers Area Education Agency board members.

Copyright laws apply to:

  • Printing worksheets
  • Copied magazine articles
  • Photographs
  • Disney or other copyrighted graphics
  • Copying video tapes
  • Audio tapes
  • CDs and computer programs
  • Producing or reproducing digital information from the Internet

Copyright compliance issues also apply to:

  • Purchasing resources (public performance rights)
  • Creating or using intellectual property (including online resource use)
  • Fair use privileges by teachers as well as students

The copyright release is usually found within the first two or three pages of a textbook. To help clarify copyright restrictions related to the above, a web page with links to current copyright information is maintained on the Central Rivers Area Education Agency website. Staff members are also available for consultation.