Black and white digital copying is designed for high speed copying of black and white documents including both short and long runs. This includes copy ready materials sent in by the schools, materials generated by our graphic designers, or documents generated from your own computer.

Black & White Digital Copying Services

  • Produce your black and white newsletters, worksheets, handouts, flyers and booklets, etc. according to the date you specify.
  • Reproduce your print order on 8 1/2 x 11, 8 1/2 x 14, 11 x 17 and 12 x 18 paper sizes.
  • Print on an assortment of paper color and weights.
  • Allows for in-line finishing capabilities to collate, fold, hole punch, trim and staple in three locations your calendar, handbook or reports at the touch of a button.

Tips for Trouble Free Printing & Production

  1. Prepare good clean copies to be used as originals.
  2. Try to leave a ¼ inch margin around your pages.
  3. For best results the density of the type on the page should be consistent, light and heavy type on a page may produce copies that look light and dark.
  4. Avoid using originals created with pencils.
  5. Printed copies will only be as good as the originals; avoid smudges and messy corrections.
  6. Please do not write in the shaded area of the printing request form.
  7. Remember that we are unable to do personal printing orders.
  8. The Creative Services staff will make every effort to complete your order by your requested date.
  9. Jobs requiring graphic design work, proofs, colored inks or extensive bindery will require additional time to complete.
  10. If your material is copyrighted please send a copy of the permission to reprint with the request.
  11. Utilize our experienced Graphic Design Specialists whenever possible.

Request Your Order

We have a new ordering system! In the past, we accepted orders using two different email addresses, an online form and a previous system known as Digital Store Front. Confused? We were too! Keeping track of orders coming in through so many channels made efficiency a challenge. We have replaced these channels with one form for ordering.

Before you start completing the form, please make sure you have all the information you need to complete your order. This includes your anticipated due date, the number of original documents, number of copies needed, paper choices (including weight and color), how you want the document finished (collated? stapled? laminated?), etc. It may take you a minute or two to complete the form but trust us, the finished product will be worth it!