“As each Iowa student is provided access to essential concepts and meaningful learning experiences in the core academic content areas, it is imperative that we also look to 21st century skills to build capacity in students so they are prepared to lead productive, satisfying lives.”  Essential Concepts and Skills with Details and Examples

1.Creating an online presnece, 2. cyber bullying 3. Legal use of content 4. online safety 5. social network


Creating an Online Presence

Legal Use of Content

Online Safety

Social Networking

Technology is a critical component of student learning and provides ever-growing opportunities for increasing student communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity skills. Yet, there are challenges that come with technology in education that need to be monitored and addressed so that technology is used safely and responsibly. Digital Citizenship is an essential component of a successful system-wide technology plan. All educators are responsible for teaching, monitoring, and modeling Digital Citizenship.

What data are you collecting and monitoring around Digital Citizenship? Many schools in Iowa are using Clarity, provided by the Iowa AEA system, as one data point. You will find a collection of resources on this website for each section of the Clarity Digitial Citizenship data.

How is digital citizenship being defined? Are students benefitting from a comprehensive view of digital citizenship? These are just some of the Digital Citizenship Guiding Questions that Central Rivers AEA has developed to help structure needs assessment and planning conversations.

Central Rivers AEA has consultants that can help with facilitating conversations, conducting needs assessment, creating plans, and providing professional learning. Get in touch and let us know how we can help you.