Technology planning is essential in the overall success of using technology to enhance and prepare students for an ever-changing world.

There are two aspects of technology planning.  There is classroom technology planning for student use and integration; also district technology planning for vision, access, professional learning and support.

Classroom technology planning involves teacher planning for technology integration into student learning. Effective integration of technology is achieved when students are able to select technology tools to help them obtain information in a timely manner, analyze and synthesize the information, and present it professionally.  Technology use becomes ubiquitous with the focus on the curriculum and not the technology.

District technology planning should be a part of the district’s ongoing process for school improvement. It should involve all stakeholders including students, teachers, administrators, school board, and community members. The process should include creating a shared vision, planning for appropriate access to technology, technology professional development, technical & instructional support, integrating the Iowa Core’s 21st Century Technology Literacy Skills, district evaluation of technology’s effectiveness, community support, and development of support policies.