Grades PK-2

Tynker camp logo Tynker A complete learning system with online courses that teach programming and computational thinking for kids of all ages. Offers options for home, school, and mobile learning.

Grades 3-5

 Blockly Blockly A visual programming editor developed by Google and similar to Scratch.  Check out Made w/ Code to see what others have made using Blockly, and alter the code to make it your own.
 Code monster Code Monster Takes users through a  step-by-step Javascript tutorial from Crunchzilla.
 Code combat Code Combat In this online game, players are the wizard who helps other characters complete their missions with his coding spells. Killing ogres and other baddies is a must. What started as the Hour of Code is quickly developing into a comprehensive coding and computer science curriculum with K-8 programs and educator resources.  Also check out their growing list of courses for all ages in Code Studio.
 Sploderlogo Sploder Learn about game design and create video games in this drag and drop Flash-based environment.
Scratchbloglogo Scratch Program interactive stories, games and animations and share them with others. Developed at MIT, it is one of the oldest and most popular online tools. Check out Easy Projects to Get Started with Scratch: Drawing 2D Shapes and Advanced Level Projects with Scratch: Fun with Fractals for ideas.
Want to make Scratch hands-on?  Checkout a Makey-Makey from the AEA Lending Library.
What else can you do with a Makey-Makey?

Grades 6-8

Code maven Code Maven A more mature version of Code Monster for the older student from Crunchzilla.
Codecademy Codecademy Learn to code websites, interactive websites through languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Python, Ruby, PHP.  The site also provides Hour of Code and curriculum resources.
Screen shot 2014 09 05 at 2.01.59 pm Dash Learn how to create in HTML, CSS, and Javascript with easy to follow step-by-step instructions and an instant preview of your code.
 Gamestar mechanic Gamestar Mechanic While not technically a coding site, Gamestar Mechanic provides complimentary skills as users learn about game design concepts. Options include individual accounts, teacher supervised accounts, and paid online courses taught by professionals.
 Mozilla webmaker Mozilla Webmaker Learn how the web works and how to make it better. Includes great tools for a variety of purposes.
~ X-Ray Googles – See the building blocks that make up websites.
~Thimble – Create and share web pages using HTML and CSS.
~Popcorn Maker – Remix and embed web video, audio and images.
~ Appmaker – Create mobile apps without knowing how to code.
Screen shot 2014 09 05 at 4.11.30 pm Pluralsight Free coding courses aimed at kids ten and up.  Choose from basic programming, Scratch, App Inventor, Kodu, and HTML.

Grades 9-12

 Codeavengers thumb Code Avengers Learn to code HTML, CSS and JavaScript and see instant results of your written code. Similar in intent to Dash but more reading required.
Code school Code School  Choose your learning by following Paths or choosing from specific courses.  The path options include; Ruby, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, iOS and Electives.  Videos, slides and hints take you through your learning and code writing.
 Code hs CodeHS Prepared lessons and materials to teach comprehensive coding units. Offers private and teacher accounts with paid and free options.
Game maven Game Maven  A follow-up to Code Maven from Crunchzilla and offers more advanced Javascript coding for those with coding experience.
 Appinventorbig1 MIT App Inventor  A blocks-based programming tool for creating apps for Android devices.  Provides tutorials and curriculum and teaching resources.