Guiding Questions Key Talking Points Resources
  • What is your district’s definition of Digital Citizenship?
It is important that each district develop a shared definition of digital citizenship.

Common Sense Media Scope and Sequence

ISTE Standards for Students 2016

Iowa Core 21st Century Skills

The Definition of Digital Citizenship by Terry Heick

  • What are the components of Digital Citizenship?
There are many aspects and components to digital citizenship. Some of the resources in the next column might help to develop a list of the components and a definition that each district will use moving forward.
  • Is there a clear definition that is consistent throughout the district?
Once a clear definition is developed, it is critical to develop a plan for how this information will be communicated with staff, students, and the community.


Guiding Questions Key Talking Points Resources
  • What is your current reality in regards to digital citizenship instruction?
  • Who is actually teaching digital citizenship?
  • What is being taught?
Gathering a clear understanding of the current reality can help in determining the next steps to reach a desired state. Clarity Survey by BrightBytes Data
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  • Who is expected to teach digital citizenship?
  • Who should be expected to teach digital citizenship?
As with citizenship, everyone who works with students should be responsible for teaching digital citizenship. All staff might not feel this is their responsibility and consensus building could be necessary.
  • How informed/ comfortable are your teachers with the concepts and topics that pertain to digital citizenship?
  • How might your district go about providing learning opportunities for teachers and staff pertaining to digital citizenship instruction?
Providing opportunities for teachers to build their understanding and confidence around digital citizenship will most likely be necessary.

Self-Paced Digital Citizenship Course from AEA PD Online

ISTE Digital Citizenship Professional Learning Network

Central Rivers Technology Integration Staff are available for coaching, consulting, planning and providing of professional learning around Digital Citizenship.

  • What is expected to be taught in regards to digital citizenship?
  • Is digital citizenship a stand alone topic or integrated into the curriculum?
  • Is digital citizenship content/instruction aligned to the Iowa Core?
Expectations need to be clear, consistent, and documented.

Common Sense Media Scope and Sequence

ISTE Standards for Students 2016

Iowa Core 21st Century Skills

Teaching Digital Citizenship Across the Whole Curriculum by Dennis Pierce


Guiding Questions Key Talking Points Resources
  • Has your district encountered any situations/problems within the realm of questionable digital citizenship?
  • Did/do you have the resources that are needed to support these situations/problems?
Over the past several years there have been many public stories about the negative aspects of digital technology and schools. While the negative situations must be dealt with, it is also important to think about ways that schools and communities can highlight the many great things taking place in regards to technology in their schools.
  • Do you feel parents and community members have the information they need to support conversations pertaining to digital citizenship?
  • How has your district reached out to community members and other stakeholders in regards to education and information about digital citizenship.

It might be appropriate to engage multiple aspects of the community including parents, businesses, and law enforcement groups.

Policies and Practices

Guiding Questions Key Talking Points Resources
  • Is your district getting eRate money? If yes, how is your district addressing the digital citizenship component of e-Rate requirements?
Districts that receive E-rate Program funding must have programs in place for educating students about “appropriate online behavior including interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms, and cyberbullying awareness and response.” Children’s Internet Protection Act – from the FCC
  • What are your district board policies about technology use, digital citizenship, and internet safety? When were they last updated? How are they communicated?
Rethinking Acceptable Use Policies to Enable Digital Learning: A Guide for School Districts
  • Who is responsible for enforcing these policies?
  • What processes are in place if policies and practices are not followed?