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Did you know that Central Rivers AEA has two email tech-related listservs?  One is for technology coaches and the other is for tech directors.  To join the technology coaches listserv please contact Michelle Cowell (  If you are a tech director, then your contact is Sarah Nelson (


New to Twitter? Let’s get started!  Twitter for Educators:  A Beginner’s Guide*

Who is on Twitter?  Take a look at commonly used #hashtags as well as chat sessions.  Locate educators to follow.

Education Chats on Twitter – Looking for a group to connect to?  Check out the groups that chat together regularly.

Education Chat Calendar – Locate a chat session’s date and time.

Follow Central Rivers Tech Integrationist on Twitter!

Michelle Cowell –@mmeiercowell

Sarah Nelson –  @Sarah4Education

Lea Ann Peschong – @lapeschAT

Kay Schmalen – @schma3

Cari Teske – @cariteske

Ryan Andreassen- @educ8ing

* Used with permission from the Mobile County School District