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The Central Rivers Student Technology Conference is a chance for K-12  students to collaborate with, learn from, and present to others how they are utilizing technology to drive their own learning;  shifting their learning environment and making connections beyond the classroom

The 2020 conference will take place at the Central Rivers AEA facility in Cedar Falls on April 17th, 9:00-12:00.

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Students may present on any topic or project in which they use technology in some way.  This work may take place in or out of school.  Please submit your sessions by February 14th.

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Interested in attending the conference but not presenting?  No problem!  Students can attend the conference without presenting to learn more about what other students are doing with technology.

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The AT Challenge is back!

AT stands for Assistive Technology and students are challenged to design a device utilizing technology that would assist a student with a physical disability.  Devices will be shared and judged at the Student Technology Conference.

Registration for the AT Challenge is Open

Students will present to a panel of judges:

  • The purpose of the device and justification (explain how it meets the need).
  • A model of the device (can be a prototype).
  • The development process (emphasizing the engineering process).
  • The challenges you had in designing your device and how you overcame them.
  • How you made and/or programmed the device that made it move.
  • AT Challenge Rubric

If you have questions about the AT Challenge, please contact Ashley Flatebo (  If you have any questions about the conference itself, please contact Michelle Cowell (

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Whether you are presenting a session or just attending, don’t forget to fill out your media release form.  Please fill out and return the form to Michelle Cowell.  You can return them via van mail or email.

Student Media Release Form

Teacher Chaperone Media Release Form

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Please remember the focus of this conference is the students and giving them an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills. Please feel free to ask questions to further your own knowledge but refrain from directing the learning from the students.  We encourage you to be observers and learners and soak up the awesomeness that surrounds you!