The Hour of Code Contest is an annual contest for students in middle and high school.  Students can log their minutes spent coding (in and out of school).  The winning school hosts the traveling Hour of Code trophy.


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2018 Hour of Code Challenge Leaderboard

Place District/School Average Minutes Coded Total Minutes Coded
1 Aplington-Parkersburg Middle School 100.45 minutes 4018 minutes
2 South Tama Middle School 79.2 minutes 1188 minutes
3 Union High School 51 minutes 4420 minutes
4 Aplington-Parkersburg High School 47.5 minutes 95 minutes
5 Blessed Maria Assunta Palotta Middle School 45.92 minutes 6704 minutes
6 North Iowa Middle School 28 minutes 56

Learning to code is quickly becoming the ideal of digital literacy. Students have been able to “read” code for years but once they learn to code, they are learning the computer equivalent of “writing” and can create and communicate their ideas with others.

When students learn coding, they use their problem-solving, sequencing, critical-thinking, math, logic, creativity, and structured language skills.  The addition of robotics to the coding curriculum provides students with the opportunities to bring their codiing skills from the screen to the physical world.  The earlier we can start students practicing these skills, the sharper those skills will be as they move through school.

The Coding Resources page provides more information on adding coding to the curriculum.  You will find links to more information as well as various tools to use with students of all ages.