What we provide

The Central Rivers AEA AT team provides both consultation and short term loans of some select technologies so the IEP teams are able to “try out” AT devices prior to making a purchase.  Consultation and device loan are available through an AT referral. Periodically, trainings on specific assistive technologies are available through the AEA professional development website.  Upon request, the team is also able to provide on-site training to groups of educators at their schools.

Considering assistive technology

Assistive technology is a very interesting field in which to work. Technology is constantly changing. We are challenged to stay current with regard to emerging technologies, and the evolution of products which have been in the field for a long time. Significantly, it isn’t always the newest technology that is the best for the child.

We use the SETT (Student, Environment, Task & Tool) Framework which was developed by Joy Zabala when considering assistive technology for a child. The SETT Framework helps to guide the conversation as we look at the interplay of the student’s strengths and needs, the environment in which he or she has to work and the tasks which need to be performed. Once we understand the student, what he or she has to do and where it has to be done, we can finally look for the tools that are the most appropriate for that particular student. Using the SETT helps us resist getting caught up in the latest ‘hot’ technology and trying to make it fit the child. Our goal is to understand the student and his or her needs and then find the technology that works the best for that student. Every student is unique, as is every solution.