Science Tools and Support

Science requires investigations to collect data to analyze to further the understanding of the phenomena. Central Rivers Media has tools to support this work. The science team is creating “How to Use” videos to support the use of these tools in the classroom. This is an ongoing project so check back often as the collection grows.

Resource Name/ Order Link “How to Use” video
Carbon Dioxide Reader  Video 
EKG Sensor  Video
Compact Thermal Camera  Video
Van De Graaff Generator Video
Laser Thermometer  Video
Magnet Kit  Video
Body Model: Breast Cancer Video 
Body Model: Eye Video 
Body Model: Ear Video 
Body Model: Heart  Video 
Cell to Embryo Model  Video 
PocketLab  Video
Electrophoresis Kit Video 
Ramps and Pathways Kit  Video
Buzzer System Video
Circuit Playground 
ProScope Microscope Camera  Video 
Rock and Mineral Kit  Video 
Fossil Kit  Video
Digital Microscope  Video
Magnifying Glasses  Video 
Squishy Circuits Video 
Boxed Book Sets  Video
MackinVia Video
Picture Perfect STEM
K-2 kit
3-5 kit


ScienceFlix Video
A World in Motion kit:

Making Music (K-3)
Link coming soon

A World in Motion kit:

Pinball Designer (K-3)
Link coming soon

A World in Motion kit:

Rolling Things (K-3)
Link coming soon

A World in Motion kit:

Motorized Toy Car (6th-8th)
Link coming soon

STEM in Action Kit:

Ron’s Ramp Adventure (PK-K)
Link coming soon

STEM in Action Kit:

Pam’s Camping Adventure (PK-K)
Link coming soon

STEM in Action Kit:

Ron’s Habitat Adventure (PK-K)
Link coming soon


Science Learning Pathways

Learning pathways can take on a variety of forms. The goal is to foster student agency in their learning process while using technology as a tool to further learning.

Grade Level  Learning Pathway 
Kindergarten  What materials would we want to use to build the perfect playground so it is not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter?
1st Grade How do plants and animals meet their needs to survive?
3rd Grade Survival, Trade, and Migration – 8 week unit with 3 learning cycles

Survival: What would you need to survive?
Trade: What can I trade to get what I need to survive?
Migration: How does migrating help people and animals survive?

5th Grade What is causing gravesite markers and structures to deteriorate over time, in Iowa?
Secondary  How does thermal energy transfer when combining varying temperatures of mediums?
High School What impacts populations of animals in the natural ecosystems?