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Paper Roller Coaster Design Challenge is completed in teams of no more than 4 students working together to create a roller coaster out of paper templates for a marble to roll through. The teams must do all construction of the roller coaster during the 3 hour time frame provided during the competition. Certificate awards are given for tallest, most creative, greatest teamwork, and longest run time. A trophy and medals are awarded to the team with the highest point value based on a variety of factors such as time, reliability, roller coaster elements, construction quality, and excitement factors

Dates for the 2018 School Year

Middle School Wednesday, November 14th, 2018- Central Rivers AEA Cedar Falls
High School Wednesday, December 12th, 2018- Central Rivers AEA Cedar Falls

Registration is open for the 2018 school year!  We are limited to 15 teams – so sign up today!

Paper Roller Coaster Final Results and Records
For information include rules, regulations and schedule, check out this document.
To see more and purchase the Paper Roller Coaster templates, check out Paper Roller Coasters

2017 Winners

Middle School

1st Clarksville
2nd Aplington- Parkersburg
3rd West Hancock Team A

Paper Rollercoasters in the news! 

Clarksville Middle School Students earned 1st place

Clarksville Middle School













High School

1st Waverly- Shell Rock
2nd GHV Team B
3rd Aplington Parkersburg

Paper Rollercoasters in the News!

Waverly-Shellrock High School Students who earned 1st Place

Waverly-Shell Rock High School