On August 6, 2015, Iowa adopted the performance expectations of the Next Generation Science Standards.

The implementation plan for transitioning to the new science standards is as follows:

2015-2016: Exploration, awareness and statewide capacity building
2016-2017: Classroom transitions, shifts, and practices
2017-2018: Leveraging materials, resources, and expertise
2018-2019: Full implementation*

*Because of unique nature of the assigned middle school/junior high grade level standards, the implementation process must include at least one grade by 2018-2019; a second grade level must be included by 2019-2020, etc.

As the state transitions, the Iowa Core website will continue to be updated.  For the time being, the state website lists the standards in document form and they can be on the Iowa Core Science site here.

The files below may prove helpful as you begin your exploration of the new standards.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Mandie (asanderman@centralriversaea.org) or Kay (kschmalen@centralriversaea.org) to guide you on your transition to the new Iowa Science Standards.

Central Rivers AEA Science Consultants have provided an overview of these changes in the form of a presentation- Iowa Science Standards Overview or a fact sheet.  Please feel free to use and share- both of these will be updated as new information becomes available.

NGSS Implementation Resources