Guiding Principles describe the organization’s beliefs and philosophy pertaining to quality assurance and performance improvement. The principles should guide what the organization does, why it does it and how.  Everything we do is guided by this set of principles that define our character and culture.  These enduring qualities are the shared convictions we bring to our professional and personal conduct.

  1.  We believe that all students can learn and achieve at high levels, and everyone is responsible for the success of each child.
  2.  We believe that the Iowa Early Learning Standards and Iowa Core represent the knowledge and skills for all students to learn.
  3.  We believe that collaborative inquiry is essential to impact student achievement.
  4.  We believe that the use of efficient, on-going assessments will enable informed decisions about instruction for all students.
  5.  We believe that using evidence-based practices with fidelity, at multiple levels of intensity, will allow all students to achieve at high levels.
  6.  We believe that specific, short-term improvement goals will be developed and shared, and the collective efforts to attain them are constantly
    monitored and adjusted to ensure success.
  7.  We believe that continuous and sustained professional development is essential to ensure fidelity of implementation.
  8.  We believe that leadership at all levels is critical in implementing and sustaining change that enhances student success.