To facilitate the Universal Screening and Progress Monitoring assessment practices that will be required as a result of the Early Literacy Implementation (ELI) legislation, the state of Iowa has purchased the statewide use of the Formative Assessment System for Teachers literacy and a complementary “Healthy Indicator” data system (coming fall of 2019) that will assist educators in the collection, organization and analysis of universal screening data at the district, building, grade and student level.

Individual growth and development indicators (IGDIs)

IGDIs are a comprehensive set of assessments for monitoring the growth and development of young children. IGDIs data is easy to collect, sensitive to small changes in children’s achievement, and mark progress toward a long-term desired literacy outcomes. Skills assessed include: Oral Language and Vocabulary, Phonological Awareness, Alphabet Knowledge, and Comprehension.   Through a cost sharing agreement between Iowa’s AEA system and Early Learning Labs, districts and schools are able to access these optional universal screening tools at a much reduced rate.

Formative assessment system for teachers (FAST)

FAST is a suite of highly efficient assessment tools designed for screening, progress monitoring, and program evaluation as part of a Multi-Tier System of Support (MTSS) model of service delivery.  Assessments include: CBM Reading (K-6 Oral Reading fluency), early Reading (K-1 – Concepts of Print, Onset/Initial Sounds, Letter Sounds, Rhyming, Phoneme Segmentation and Blending, Sight Word Fluency, Decodable Word Reading, Decodable Nonsense Word Reading and Sentence Reading), and adaptive Reading.


FAST Literacy Assessments are currently available free of charge to all Iowa accredited public and non-public districts and schools in grades K-6.   Through a cost sharing agreement between Iowa’s AEA system and Fastbridge Learning, districts and schools are able to access universal screening tools in the areas of Mathematics and Behavior for grades K-6 at a much reduced rate.  Furthermore, the Iowa AEA system subsidizes the purchase price of all screening measures for grades 7-8.