The purpose of the Central Rivers AEA School Improvement Team (SIT) is to partner with schools and districts in the continuous school improvement process, providing support based upon their current needs, to increase student achievement and well-being by addressing the five conceptual areas within the MTSS framework: Assessment and Data-Based Decision Making, Universal Instruction, Intervention System, Leadership, and Infrastructure.

The Central Rivers AEA School Improvement Team supports schools in each of the conceptual areas in the following ways: 

Self-Assessment of MTSS Implementation (SAMI)

  • Support the school in the completion of the SAMI and action planning tied to the school improvement plan. This analysis will capture the current state and set goals for the next steps

Assessment and Data-based Decision-Making

  • Build an understanding of a comprehensive, balanced, and aligned assessment system
  • Facilitate data analysis and reflection of data collection across tiers

Universal Tier

  • Facilitate conversations about the processes to improve universal tier using a collaborative inquiry approach among all staff
  • Connect schools with content consultants to support a deeper dive into the areas of need tied to universal instruction within the areas of literacy, math, and well-being.

Intervention System

  • Facilitate conversations around the processes related to a school’s intervention system the identifying learner needs, assigning interventions, and evaluating interventions. 
  • Connect schools with content consultants to help buildings take a closer look at the areas of literacy, math, and well-being

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Consultant for School Improvement Region Regional Administrator
Tracy Thomsen Region 1 Bev Plagge
Kay Schmalen Region 2 Amber Dietz
Ashley Flatebo Region 3 Carol Sensor
Kirstey Ewald Region 4 Jody Albertson
Bill Soesbe Region 5 Greg Koppes
Kelly Gallagher Region 6 Judy Moser
Jon McKenzie Region 7 Melissa Hesner
Joe Kremer Region 8 Josh Johnson
Sherri Walker Region 9 Heather Gould
Sarah Nelson Region 10 Julie Miller
Kim Hurley Region 11 Karen Aldrich