Scoring and processing of bubble answer sheets (BAS) occurs in two ways for timely identification in district and to allow the state to collect student data as a Baseline/Zero Point for accountability purposes with Title III.

For your convenience, the steps below have been compiled into a Scoring and Processing Checklist that is available for download and use in district.

Scoring and processing steps

Step 1: In-District Scoring

  • Complete all student information on the bubble answer sheet (BAS)
  • Score BAS using Test Administration Manual
  • Store the BAS & test booklets (for K-2) in the student’s ELL file
  • Place score summary sheet in student’s permanent file

*Be sure to share results with administrator(s) and classroom/content area teachers.

Step 2: Central Rivers AEA Test Kit Materials

  • Return all test kit materials to Central Rivers AEA Media Services via van mail
    • Administration and Scoring Manuals
    • CD (for 3rd-12th grade)
    • Unused Test Booklets and Record Forms
    • TELPA Tools Book
    • Unused BAS

Step 3: Submit Student Scores to the Iowa Department of Education

  • Districts complete the Score Reporting Template
  • Send completed file as an attachment via the DE’s secure email site
  • For step-by-step instructions for accessing this secure site, please see the DE’s ELPA21 webpage under TELPA Administration

Data collection seadines

The Iowa Department of Education recommends monthly submissions of new TELPA scores.

Cut scores and score sheets

New grade level cut scores have recently been disseminated by the Iowa Department of Education.  Revised Score Sheets are have been posted in the table below for download and use.

Please note that scoring procedures differ between K-2 and 3-12.  Reference sheets for K-2 Scoring Procedures  and 3-12 Scoring Procedures are posted for download below.

Interpreting and using scores

The TELPA provides an initial placement proficiency level of 1, 2 or 3.  Generally speaking, these TELPA levels correspond to I-ELDA levels.  The Operational Placement Tables provide more details on this alignment.

Once the TELPA Placement Level and corresponding/predicted I-ELDA Level are determined, teachers may find the following documents to be helpful references.

I-ELDA Listening Levels

I-ELDA Speaking Levels

I-ELDA Reading Levels

I-ELDA Writing Levels

I-ELDA Composite Level Descriptors

Language Acquisition Chart for Teachers