A language learning website to promote language acquisition, vocabulary, etc…

Interesting Things for ESL Students
This website is for students studying ESL or EFL.  There are word games and puzzles, proverbs, quizzes, and numerous language activities!

English Learner Lesson
English Learner can be used k-12 and the activities range from beginner grammar exercises to more complex reading comprehension skills.  One useful feature is that you can choose the level of student: beginner, intermediate, advanced.

Star Fall
This interactive site builds pre-reading and literacy skills.  It is very attractive to students with videos, games, and activities.

Iowa AEA Online
Each student has a district password that they can get from their teacher or librarian.  This site provides students access to:

  • Britannica Encyclopedia: students can research and use for homework support (also in Spanish)
  • BookFLIX: for students in pre-school – 3rd grade to read, listen, and view popular books in Spanish and English
  • TrueFLIX: for students in grades 3-6 to listen, read, and watch both fiction and non-fiction literature
  • CultureGrams: learn about other cultures through videos, data and charts, interviews, photographs and much more!  Great to use for research projects!