Districts who have not met AMAOs are required to notify parents within 30 days of receiving district status notice.

Central Rivers AEA has the below process and procedures to assist districts in the notification process:

  1. Complete AMAO Notification Student Information 2014 spreadsheet with all ELL Student Information.  (This was sent from Central Rivers AEA with AMAO Progress Data information.)
  2. Go to the AMAO Parent Notification Letter tab
    1. Print the English version on one side and the family’s native language on the reverse side.
  3. We have posted all the language options from across the state.  If you have languages that aren’t available you will need to send the English version.
  4. Complete the letter by adding your district’s AMAO status data (from the AMAO Progress Data sheet you recieved with your specific information).
    1. Use the English version as a template to assist you in marking the correct information on the other language documents.
  5. Send the Parent Notification letters to each family within 30 days.
  6. Send the AMAO Notification Student Information Spreadsheet to Barb Schroeder.