Title III of the No Child Left Behind Act requires educational agencies at all levels to ensure that limited English proficient children master English and meet the same rigorous standards for academic achievement as all children are expected to meet, including meeting challenging State academic content and student academic achievement standards (NCLB, Sec. 3202).

Each state must develop specific language and learning targets, or AMAOs, to move all ELLs toward reaching these goals. The AMAO targets for Iowa are based on ELL student performance on the Iowa-ELDA and the Iowa Assessments as outlined in the table below.

Iowa’s Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives
AMAO #1 Making sufficient progress in acquisition of the English language as measured by the annual language proficiency assessment (ELPA21)
AMAO #2 Attaining or reaching full English proficiency as measured by the annual language proficiency assessment (ELPA21)
AMAO #3 Making Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) as measured by the Iowa Assessments (according to targets established by Title I)

Accountability for meeting AMAOs

The accountability plan within NCLB mandates specific actions and consequences for failure to meet AMAO targets.  These required actions include parent notification and the development & implementation of Corrective Action Plans.  The intensity and scope of the required actions increase with the number of consecutive years a district misses AMAOs.  The information below provides a brief overview of the actions required of districts with ten or more identified English learners.  At this time, districts with fewer than ten students fall under the umbrella of Central Rivers AEA and must work with the agency to complete parent notification requirements.

1st Year Missed: Notify parents

2nd Consecutive Year Missed: Notify parents and begin a Corrective Action Plan (CAP)

3rd Consecutive Year Missed: Notify parents, continue implementation of Corrective Action Plan (CAP)

  • team continues work, review data, implement change process
  • required to send team to ICLC and Our Kids state conferences for technical assistance

4th Consecutive Years Missed: Notify parents, revise/rewrite Corrective Action Plan to include Year 4+ Status System Actions

  • team utilizes Corrective Action Plan template for year 4+  and Year 4+ Status System document to write plan
  • send team to ICLC and Our Kids state conferences for technical assistance
  • identify a district administrative team to participate in the Iowa Department of Education’s ELL Leadership Academy
  • presentation of CAP implementation results and data to a peer review panel at the Our Kids Summer Institute