There are several assessments districts are required to administer at very specific times throughout the course of identifying and serving English language learners.  In addition, districts must provide all ELLs the opportunity to participate in the district-wide and classroom assessments given to all general education students. This section is designed to provide resources to district administrators and teachers for planning and completing these important tasks.

Accommodations for ELLs on Iowa and district-wide assessments

English language learners must be included in district-wide assessments and may, depending on their language proficiency level, be eligible for accommodations.  The Iowa Department of Education has revised “Guidelines for K-12 ELL Participation in Districtwide Assessments” to provide guidance with the selection and implementation of accommodations for ELLs.

Central Rivers AEA has recorded an Accommodations Training screencast for district administrators, teachers and test coordinators.  Before viewing this recording, you may wish to download the Advanced Organizer for Participants.  You will also want to have a copy of the “Guidelines for K-12 ELL Participation in Districtwide Assessments” document at hand.  Those with an ELL Resource Binder will find a printed copy at the back of the binder.  For your convenience, this document is also available for download in the table below.

Name Description
ELL Accommodations Reading Research base for the Iowa Accommodations Guidelines
Appendix C from Guidelines Flowchart depicting accommodations decision-making process for ELL students
Iowa School Accommodation Plan Spreadsheet template provided with Accommodations Guidelines for documentation in large districts
Advanced Organizer Answer Key Use this key to check your answers from the Accommodations TrainingAdvanced Organizer
Advanced Organizer for Participants Download and print before viewing the screencast to check your prior knowledge